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I am thrilled to have a pretty good feel for who I am, and to still be learning exactly who I am.


I am a relatively free spirit, although I have my moments of conformity! I'm a 40-something woman living with my family, pets, and multiple sclerosis in southeast Michigan. I'm a volunteer administrator professionally - and a gardener, a singer, a daughter, a sister, a cook, a lover of puzzles and games, a seeker, a questioner, and a laugher in all the rest of my life.


Animated movies, The Muppets, old Saturday Night Live, nature commentary writing, Scrabble, baseball (Yay Tigers!), and everything edible (except maybe lima beans or apple yogurt). I have just recently discovered the tv show "Creature Comforts" from the British Studio that did Wallace and Gromit, etc. Love that show!