> Hocking Hills May 2015

The Hocking Hills area in southern Ohio (southeast of Columbus, and north of Athens) is one of our most favorite places to escape to from regular life. The area is beautiful and peaceful, with every type (and budget) of woodsy vacation lodging you can imagine. Dogs are welcome through most of the sites at Hocking Hills State Park and Olive has joined us there a couple of times. We do love traveling with our dog! I do believe sometimes that my self has always been intended for living in the woods.

Along the trail above Old Man's Cave

Beautiful dead things.

Probably I should visit the Redwoods someday because it's hard for me to imagine taller trees than these!

The newest needle growth on this tree practically begged to be photographed with it's neon contrast to the rest.

There's a ravine bottom down there somewhere.

I could live with this as my ceiling.

This might be Chapel Rock in Ash Cave - I'm not certain, but I love it!

Ash Cave waterfall - with tiny John and Olive near the bottom


We came upon lots of very recent destruction - and it was all still beautiful.

If you're not careful, all the roots out here in the wild might mean you lose your sole there...

This beauty was no longer living when I came across it, but wings were still waving easily in the breeze. I hope it knew how beautiful it was.

There are plenty of critters, some very small - move slowly and look for little things sometimes.

Hiking in Hocking Hills is not just about the specific sites you're headed to. Every glance, in every direction, on every trail - is a site in and of itself.

An iconic shot from inside the Rock House. I suspect every hiker with a camera who's ever climbed up into Rock House has a picture exactly like this.

If a child were making doorways - surely they'd look a lot like this!

Craggy rock outside the Rock House

Outside the Rock House site, looking up. There is beauty in every direction in Hocking Hills.

The roots get me every time. I like moving around, but I wish I had roots like these!

More roots - amazingly belonging to a tree that's still standing and appears to be vibrant.

Looking down near Old Man's Cave - this area is just across from the cave "proper."

I don't know exactly how the color shifted so much from others taken with the same camera at the same time, but this might be my favorite picture from our trip.
The Upper Falls of the Old Man's Cave area (with hiking trail bridge above)!

Upper Falls area of Old Man's Cave

Everything lives and dies in layers.

Nooks and crannies abound at Hocking Hills. It's easy to imagine all sorts of things just beyond where you can see!

I never got tired of the beautiful dead and downed trees. Somehow the forest seems more alive when the old trees are returning to the earth.